L-Shaped Office Design

An L-shaped office design and layout can create an interesting workspace. By utilising appropriate furniture the space will be opened up, interaction with co-workers encouraged and a comfortable home-like appearance created.

Office Fitout Cost Estimate

Cost and quality are major considerations of any business undergoing an office fitout. Here are some guidelines that will help you create a quality fitout at the right price.

Does Your Workspace Reflect Your Personality?

Through no real fault of the business owner, an office interior can actually make you become uninspired and uninterested.

Changing Ideas About Working Remotely

An alternative to remote work, and also the traditional workplace, is the creation of an environment where people are enthused to come to work.

Ergonomic Monitor Solutions in a Modern Office

One of the most commonly neglected, yet most often used office furnishings, the computer monitor, is repeatedly overlooked during planning as a significant contributor toward comfortable working conditions.

Choosing the Right Meeting Tables for Your Office

It's natural for every company, especially larger organisations, to want a meeting room with all the bells and whistles. This usually involves investing heavily in a large conference area with plush furniture and high tech gadgets.

Don’t Forget the Office Ceiling

Appropriate ceiling designs will enhance the building aesthetic and increase the value of the premises. It can also assist with ongoing sustainability by limiting energy use.

Digital Time Capsule to Honour Victorian Architects

Federation Square in Melbourne will soon be home to Federation Story, a digital time capsule collection of Victorian architectural achievements.

Office Flooring Choices

Often just an afterthought, choosing the right office flooring is as important a decision as furniture or aesthetic appearance choices.

Fire Services Fitouts

The installation and upkeep of fire services is an essential aspect of new office fitouts. It's an area of the fitout that only a qualified and experienced technician should attempt. The regulations are governed by the Standards of Performance & Standards of Maintenance which are regulated according to ...