Choosing the Right Meeting Tables for Your Office

Choosing the Right Meeting Tables for Your Office

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It’s natural for every company, especially larger organisations, to want a meeting room with all the bells and whistles. This usually involves investing heavily in a large conference area with plush furniture and high tech gadgets. The concept of a high powered meeting room usually includes an A/V system linked to a laptop, a massive projector and screen, and an array of devices to impress clients and stakeholders. Of course the greatest financial outlay doesn’t always translate to results, and it may be worth some introspection about how much is actually achieved in that room. The results can often be contrary to expectations. For example:

  • A lot of time was spent gazing out the window
  • Conversations centred around social plans or holidays
  • Participants dozed off in comfy chairs
  • Much time was wasted attempting to master the technical gadgetry
  • The table was too large, providing little effective communication
  • There were simply too many distractions to remain focussed

Below are some meeting table suggestions that can be easily facilitated by EBN Office Fitouts & Office Design in Melbourne.

The personal approach

To create a level playing field for all meeting participants a round table is an appropriate choice. With everyone in reasonable peripheral vision no one feels left out and interaction is encouraged. There is no place to hide at a round table and involvement is encouraged from everyone.

Don’t make it overly comfortable

If chairs are too comfy, there is every chance that the post-lunch meeting will result in some participants kicking back and daydreaming. Simple chairs without too much recline can still be comfortable enough to endure extended meetings if required. The chairs should compliment the table to avoid disappointed mutterings about furniture choices even before the meeting begins.

It’s not always about size

The room you require and furniture dimensions should be governed by the amount of people expected to attend meetings. It will be detrimental to host a meeting for four people in an expansive room with large table surrounded by many chairs. The right sized components will prevent people drifting off or hiding at the far corner of the table.

Meet now – work later

Before the meeting begins, make sure that participants understand there is no working at unrelated tasks during the meeting. A disrespectful attitude toward the meeting convener will diminish engagement by others in the room. Keep it simple and focus on the meeting topics only.

Create an exclusive environment

Remember to close any blinds that divide the meeting room from the general office environment. Having the rest of the office staff peeking in or walking around outside in plain sight causes a loss of concentration. Try to separate the meeting space from office goings-on. And last but not least- try to keep the meeting within expected time frames, or participants will lose focus and drift off regardless of your furniture choices.

Armed with these simple tips and the advice of EBN Office Fitouts and Office Design you are well on the way to the next successful phase of your business expansion.

By George B (follow me on Google)