Ergonomic Monitor Solutions in a Modern Office

Ergonomic Monitor Solutions in a Modern Office

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Samsung ergonomic monitor

Samsung 27 inch ergonomic monitor (S27C45KBS)

When throwing around ideas for the new office design and fitout, a huge range of considerations are included. For example, employees who spend a great deal of their time seated at a desk are apt to vouch for comfy seating and employers will want to utilise the office space wisely in the most appropriate arrangement of desks suited to company needs and optimum productivity. The need for open space, private meeting rooms and staff facilities should all be discussed at length with stakeholders.

Nevertheless, in the course of discussions some aspects of office functionality are bound to be forgotten. One of the most commonly neglected, yet most often used office furnishings, the computer monitor, is repeatedly overlooked during planning as a significant contributor toward comfortable working conditions.

For example, installing fixed or cumbersome monitor screens as part of the new office look can lead to a variety of problems. The comfortable chair may be the wrong height or angle to suit ease of computer use. The new desk may be too broad or narrow, resulting in the employees hunched at irregular distances from their screen. Movable computer monitor arms are a solution that can be easily factored in during the office design phase, in consultation with EBN Office Design and Office Fitouts Sydney.

An ergonomic monitor arm attaches easily to a computer screen, and is conveniently adjusted for maximum precision, allowing your new or recycled office furniture to be appropriately utilised. A monitor arm will provide complete control of the monitor positioning, including angle, depth and height. A suspended monitor arm also results in less clutter and more room on the desk.

Just as every business has an individual identity, every employee is also an individual with their own requirements for best working results. Everyone will have monitor positional preferences, and freedom to adjust the monitor will result in increased comfort, less occurrence of strain on shoulders and wrists, and a decrease of shuffling around, leaving the workstation, or retreating to the staff room for a much needed coffee and stretch.

Monitor arms are also ideal for multiple-user workstations which are shared by employees. Ergonomic monitor arms can be tailored to suit every personal preference including workers wearing glasses or contact lenses who may otherwise be forced to suffer from the results of poor posture. Ergonomic monitor arms can be attached to the desk or wall and there are a variety of mounting options available to suit every office design.

Some tips for positioning monitor arms

The ideal distance from eye to monitor is around an arm’s length, or at a distance suited for comfortable reading without eye strain.

The user should be relaxed enough to read to the very bottom of the screen without requiring bowing the head. This means that the ideal user eye line is slightly above to top of the monitor screen.

The ergonomic monitor should be adjusted to eliminate window glare and reflecting light.

Comfort is an important consideration in a productive office. Availing yourself of expert advice from EBN Office Fitouts and Office Design in Sydney will save money in the long run by ensuring your staff have the right office furniture and facility to remain focussed and productive.

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