Fire Services Fitouts

Fire Services Fitouts

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The installation and upkeep of fire services is an essential aspect of new office fitouts. It’s an area of the fitout that only a qualified and experienced technician should attempt. The regulations are governed by the Standards of Performance & Standards of Maintenance which are regulated according to Australian Standards & Building Code of Australia guidelines.

Business owners and building managers are expected to understand their responsibilities regarding fire safety, and negligence of due process is no excuse in an emergency. EBN Office Fitouts are qualified and experienced in dealing with fire services providers and can save you time and money by getting the fitout job done properly the first time. A reputable commercial fire services fitout contractor will liaise effectively with EBN Office Fitouts to ensure correct installation and that all regulations are complied with.

Running a successful business means dedicating your time to your own field of expertise and time spent figuring out compliance issues can detract from business priorities. Your landlord is responsible for conforming with regulations regarding your premises, however you will need to make certain your commercial fitout plans are in accordance with compliance regulations. The safety of employees, clients and customers is a priority that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Regulations determine that your premises must have a fire extinguisher for every 15 walkable metres in your office for Class A fires, and 20 walkable metres for Class E fires. Class A fires involve paper, wood and textiles, and Class E fires refer to electrical fires. Fire services professionals will assist with understanding of the needs for your individual fitout.

Australian Standards also expect that your fire safety equipment will be maintained at regular intervals. This in itself will be a major factor in decreased chances of fire damage to property or injury to persons. Fire safety specialists will determine your maintenance schedule, and the below pointers are only to be taken as a rough guideline.

  • You may be required to inspect the fire extinguishers visually six times per month
  • Fire extinguishers need recharging every year
  • Extinguishers that are exposed to extreme weather or environmental conditions need to be thoroughly tested three times every year
  • If any fire extinguisher is discharged it will need recharging as soon as possible

An in-house fire safety plan should also be implemented for yourself and your employees. A tour of your premises by your employees is a good start. Show employees the location of all fire extinguishers and explain their different functions. If you are unsure of anything, schedule a visit from a fire services professional to explain the purpose and function of your fire safety equipment.

All building occupants should be made well aware of fire exits, and regular fire drills should be held so that everyone is clear regarding action to be taken in case of an emergency. It’s also good practice to ensure adequate ventilation at all times within your premises.

Fire safety is an important and essential investment when considering an office fitout. Australian regulations are world-class, and enforced for good reason. EBN Office Fitouts will make sure your new premises meets all regulations, saving you the large expense of having to retrofit your office post fitout.

There are many ways to cut corners or save money in an office fitout or design but risking the safety of staff and clients isn’t one of them. Ensure your premises meets standard regulations and your reputation as a professional business will become well known amongst staff and customers.

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