L-Shaped Office Design

L-Shaped Office Design

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L-shaped office design
An L-shaped office design and layout can create an interesting workspace. By utilising appropriate furniture the space will be opened up, interaction with co-workers encouraged and a comfortable home-like appearance created.

Good office design facilitates maximum productivity by empowering employees. There is no need to create a symmetrical office layout that confines staff to ridged behaviour or limits creativity. An L-shaped office affords the opportunity for both privacy and open plan sectors that stimulate the mind and alleviate stress.

Advantages of an L-shaped office design include:

  • Creating several areas for varied work tasks
  • Separating management from staff
  • Enabling both privacy and open plan
  • Facilitating quiet areas
  • Encouraging movement between office areas
  • Stimulating creativity

L-shaped office furniture

Some business owners are concerned that an L-shaped office will encourage empty corners and wasted space. The concern is understandable, as maximum profit potential is expected from all available office space. Fortunately, there are furniture solutions that not only fill any void space, but also improve work performance.

L-shaped desks are the first consideration for corners that would otherwise only house a pot plant to fill the gap. Fitting an L-shaped desk into a corner creates a functional space and makes the office feel custom-built. A corner desk also provides a couple of sitting placement options so you don’t need to feel alienated from the office action.

Another advantage of a corner desk is the opportunity to extend your space. Depending on your business the extended free space can be utilised for activities where you’re not required to be sitting directly in front of a computer screen. The addition of a hutch and quality swivelling office chair creates a self contained space where unnecessary movement around the office is kept to a minimum.

Larger L-shaped desks can also house two workers, and be sectioned off to keep individual areas private. In other words an L-shaped office can promote an interesting spin on the open office environment.


Making the space work for you

By consulting with EBN Office Fitouts design team, your potential floor plan will become a reality. You will discover solutions for improved productivity, arrangements that save time and money, plusĀ  a range of space saving measures that only a qualified architect or designer can picture.

An L-shaped office provides the opportunity to focus on your work tasks without becoming distracted by every passer-by. Different angles also means different directions, with the potential for capturing natural light and avoidance of feeling boxed-in. In a larger office you might consider placing communal staff lounges and relaxation areas where sunlight creates a more vibrant atmosphere. Separation from the work space will alleviate tension and re-invigorate employees during break times.

EBN Office Fitouts and Office Design will bring out the best in your space by creating a harmonious and streamlined environment. Depending on your business function and location an

L-shaped office is often less expensive to rent, leading to greater profits. An L-shaped office will provide opportunity for staff to take ownership of designated areas, resulting in less clutter, a greater level of organisation and more profitable outcomes for your business.

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