Office Flooring Choices

Office Flooring Choices

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Often just an afterthought, choosing the right office flooring is as important a decision as furniture or aesthetic appearance choices. There are several aspects regarding office flooring to take into consideration for your office fitout, and EBN Office Fitouts can assist you in making the right decisions.

Does your business require specific flooring?

Different types of businesses require flooring specific to their operation in order to satisfy the needs of clients and staff. For example, carpet in a recording studio will not satisfy the acoustic principles required by the sound engineer, resulting in an inferior recording. A wooden floor would be much more suitable due to the ability of wood to reflect sound, resulting in a resonant acoustic effect.

The medical industry and food services, on the other hand, consider vinyl a suitable option. It’s easy to clean and won’t absorb unwanted smells and stains.

Do you require easy to maintain flooring?

Carpet is often the preferred choice for flooring. It creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth that other materials don’t. But these factors aren’t the only ones to consider. There are many kinds of carpet available, from plush pile suited to executive offices and boardrooms, to hard-wearing carpets that are great in high foot traffic areas where durability is of paramount importance. Indoor/outdoor carpet may also suit busy areas.

Flooring that matches your brand

Brand awareness is becoming an increasingly significant factor in office design. EBN Office Fitouts can organise installation of flooring that matches your company ethos. Appropriate flooring can be functional and also convey the look you want for your company. For example, a business may focus on an expansive yet minimalist fitout and require flooring that matches the rest of the decor without compromising on comfort and function. Fortunately, flooring options are almost endless and can be tailored to suit every office environment.

The price tag on flooring options

With the vast array of choices it’s easy to find something that feels and looks great. On the other hand, making choices simply based on personal preference may not be the best approach, especially if you are fitting out your office on a tight budget.

There is every chance you can source a lower cost flooring with similar attributes to higher priced options. It’s a good idea to factor in flooring as a significant budgetary consideration prior to the fitout as purchasing low quality will simply result in more expense at a later date when the low quality flooring needs replacing.


Comfort can mean many things. Comfortable flooring means more than just something that feels nice underfoot. Sound is also an important consideration. Many offices require a relatively quiet environment and flooring that magnifies sound will simply not suffice in such situations. Every employee is different, with some acutely aware of clicking footsteps that can distract them and hinder concentration on important tasks.

By researching the above suggestions you can start making decisions related to flooring for your office fitout. Contact the design and fitout experts at EBN Office Fitouts for more information regarding the many choices available for your new office environment.

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