Don’t Forget the Office Ceiling

Don’t Forget the Office Ceiling

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A significant portion of fitout budget is invested in ceilings. Appropriate materials and specifications will have a major impact on the finished fitout result. The type of ceiling and materials used will affect building acoustics, fire resistance, visual appeal and overall cost. The ceiling is definitely an area that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Appropriate ceiling designs provided by EBN Office Fitouts will enhance the building aesthetic and increase the value of the premises. It can also assist with ongoing sustainability by limiting energy use. There is much more to a ceiling than just a space to conceal building works and office electrical services.

Office ceiling design

Considerations for ceiling design are many, and should be investigated as part of the fitout master plan before commencement of work. Materials used depend on the overall office area, company brand, and style of the interior design. In open-plan offices, metal or mineral ceilings are usually adequate to fit harmoniously with the large space. Luxury (and more costly) materials such as timber work well in formal boardroom and reception areas where you wish to make a quality statement to clients and managers.

Alternative designs for aesthetic interest can be achieved relatively cheaply by using fabrics and canopies. You may also like to break the monotony of a large ceiling by using designer grids or beam facades which create the impression of separate regions within larger spaces.

Fire resistance

Although a scenario you don’t expect to ever occur, fire is nonetheless a possibility in any building. Fire protection is worth considering when commencing fitout design, and is often as simple as creating a suspended ceiling containing insulated service fittings.

Acoustic performance

There are a variety of materials that will assist greatly with sound absorption where communication is important. Rather than having sound bounce of the walls and ceiling all around the room it can be a good idea to utilise ceiling tiles designed to absorb sound. Creating a space that includes canopies or shapes to deflect sound is also very useful. Part of your design strategy could be to include the advice of an expert acoustic service company.

Office ceiling maintenance

Not everyone has a bottomless budget to fitout their office space, with low maintenance costs often suggested up front as a key design aspect. Suspended ceilings that are easy to service and clean, with the occasional replacement of a defective tile are a good option. Thermal mass tiles cost a little more but the payback of reduced air conditioning use will be a positive outcome over time. LED lighting is also gaining popularity as a long-life energy and money saver.

Diverse needs areas

Corridors, kitchens and toilets all have their unique requirements based on usage and ease of cleaning. Wet and humid areas usually require a uniform, easy to clean finish, providing high standards of hygiene.

Service integration

A diverse range of building services can be easily installed as part of a suspended ceiling, leaving office space free of clutter and cables. Services suited for ceiling installation include ventilation and heating, fire services and sprinklers, motion security sensors, speakers and lighting. With advance planning these services can be fixed in easily accessed channels, with the greater expanses of ceiling remaining uniform and uncluttered.

By working closely with EBN Office Fitouts experts the correct selection of materials and design can be established, supporting not only the aesthetic appearance but also by adhering to any building regulations and compliance requirements. EBN can assist every step of the way, from the design stage, quoting, and installation for a finished product that looks great and suits your budget.

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